ForChild from 3 to 17 years old.
strategyLearn by playing.
MuliplayerUp to 10 children can play in simultaneous and interact in team scenarios for multiplayer games.

The best Games for kids


The first cloud gaming console in Africa. For the family and school

EduAirGame is a games console containing educational games (serious games)
where children can learn to read, count, think in strategies
and manage their frustration with the problems they face while playing.


Somes Games...

Alien Memory

Memory improvement is part of this educational memory game, the process can be done with few steps that can be easy and performed effortlessly.


Math Education for kids Help kids learn math easily. This game includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Alphabetic Bubble

A game of bubbles for children, with the goal of adding knowledge to children and with colorful graphics!

The EduAirGame console emits a Wifi network for the home and up to 10 children can play simultaneously and interact in team scenarios for multi-player games.

Consult the results of your children

The parent area allows you to see the evolution of each child and appreciate their efforts through games. The administration user interface also allows to add new games and its dark mode allows the comfortable reading of the graphs.

Games in different categories

Mathematic physic computer science Language Alphabetic Grammar History Geography Quizz Memory Strategy